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Searching for a Dunera boy… — 3 Comments

  1. THANK you Judith – an excellent post and I really hope we hear from someone. This site IS beginning to move and more people finding us.

    There is also a Facebook page you might like to post on – click the Facbook logo on the left.

    There’s also another on This Link

    Hope that helps

    Bye for now


  2. Mike,
    I never heard from anyone, of course, because I recently learned that Gerhard Steinfeld/Gerald Stanton was killed in a mid-air plane crash over Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1954. He was only 33, and on a business trip to Vancouver. The commercial flight he was on collided with a RCAF trainer. The accident was memorialized in a book, “Mid-Air Moose Jaw”, by Larry Shaak, self-published in 2007.

  3. Hello Judith – sorry – I meant to reply earlier…

    That’s a shame about the aircrash etc. I guess, in some ways, that stops your search for information?

    But do feel free to add more on here if you wish – just login and post…

    All the best


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