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School Cruise in March 1965 — 4 Comments

    • A really fun Cruise.

      Flew into Venice and got the boat there. My picture of the World changed. This trip had amazing girls and I still have the name of Angela Clarke from Devizes with her party all written on a sick bag.

      If they are still around we could have a Party!!

      Thank you

      Norman Ashford

  1. I went to Greycourt School, Ham, Richmond Surrey, I think this is the cruise I was on.

    We flew to Venice. Went to Itea, for Delphi. Athens, Rhodes and Dubrovnik.

    Had a lifeboat race against Devonia ship in Navarino Bay (we won)?

    Great experience, lesson in life. Brilliant?

    • Hello Allan

      MANY thanks for your comment here!

      ALWAYS good to hear comments from people who sailed on the Dunera – it keeps the site alive!

      Altho’ I never did sail on the Dunera, I was asked to set this website up a LONG time ago by a chap who was on the ship. David’s story is here.

      Many thanks

      Bye for now


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