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I sailed on the Dunera September I think 1958 — 2 Comments

  1. I was medical staff on the Dunera from December 1957 to May/June 1958. We sailed to Christmas Island in the Pacific, & from there to Hawaii to give the troops 2 days R&R. The next trip was:- Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, Through the Suez Canal to Aden, then Colombo, Bombay, Mombassa, Dar es Salaam, Mauritius and then back. A memorable part of my life

    • Hello Derek
      MANY thanks for your two comments – my sincere apologies fpor the late reply. It really is great to see how this site seems to be able to get people “discussing” past events!
      Any responses, please do let us know and – in case I have missed any posts from you on our Facebook Page – have you seen it?

      Many thanks and I hope you’ll get a response!

      Bye for now


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