I was on the Dunera in 1964 – April 8th – 24th. I went on an Educational Mediterranean Cruise with my school, which was Dore and Totley High School for girls, in Sheffield. I still have the log book and itinerary we were given, although I have to confess I only filled the log book in for the first 2 days!!

We started our journey from Southampton and sailed to Tangier, Tunis, Malaga and Lisbon at a cost of £45.

I was in “Hawkins” dormitory and we were supposed to keep it tidy throughout the trip. Daily inspections took place and we were awarded marks…….I notice that our dorm got 604 out of 720. We slept in hammock beds which were held up with chains, which were very easy to dismantle; so it was not unusual to go down to your dorm and find that your bed was missing!!

Our first port of call was Tangier, where I bartered for a set of bongos (which I still have), made from rather smelly camel skin. We were struck by the poverty and primitiveness of the place…….little children were begging for money and we saw snake charmers and water carriers in the streets. Some of us had a ride on a camel. People lived in mud dwellings where they produced local craftware to sell. We must have looked an odd sight, as we were all in our school summer dresses and straw boaters!

After a day in Tangier we set sail once more for Tunis. I remember the sea was quite choppy and friends kept disappearing to hang over the side of the ship! We arrived in Tunis and it was very hot so we all headed to the beach for a swim. As soon as we entered the water, a crowd of young Tunisian men stripped off and followed us in. I remember the police arriving and getting them out. The rest of our bathe was under police protection! We visited the ruins at Carthage after that, where I took several photos.

Back on board, we were entertained with deck games, films, the odd lesson on the next currency we would be encountering and snippets of foreign language.

There was a room with a juke box where we socialised with other schools and danced to the “Hippy Hippy Shake”

Our next stop was Malaga, where we boarded a rickety old bus and set off for Granada. It was quite a hairy drive, as I recall, but once there,we marvelled at the splendour of the palace, orange groves and magnificent gardens and water features. On the way back down the mountain we saw another bus that had gone over the edge since our visit up. I think we all spent the rest of the journey with our eyes closed!

The last port of call was Lisbon, where we were taken round the city in a more modern coach. I remember being very impressed by Prince Henry the Navigator’s Monument, which was huge and only 4yrs. old. I still have the information leaflet about our tour of Lisbon.

Wherever we went we seemed to attract attention, mainly because of our dreadful school uniform which we had to wear in case we got lost.

We must have looked like beings from another planet to the locals………how young and naive we were!

Our cruise ended where it started, in Southampton. We’d had a wonderful time and made many new frienships and seen sights we could not imagine. Our anxious parents waited at the dockside for our safe return………this being the first time that most of us had been away from home!

Ruth Ritchie (nee Lodge) aged nearly 15yrs. at the time!!


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  1. I was on that same cruise and still have the diary we were required to write in every day. I was at the Portslade Secondary Modern school for Girls. I remember passing the sister ship Devonian and everyone cramming the starboard side to wave at the kids on the other ship. And the day of the announcement that there was a whale close by – another stampede to the ship rails.

    Then there was the big sea as we sailed through the Bay of Biscay and sick kids everywhere. I was OK and went to the now of the ship, but a crew member cane and got me because it wasn’t safe there with the sea so rough. I Remer playing quo it’s on the deck, diving for spoons in the pool, and playing deck hockey.

    Dave Clark Five! Glad All Over was a big hit and on the juke box constantly- we all stamped and thud dedicated on the decks and walls every time the rwo drum beats came, annoying the captain no end. And that crazy Revallaie that woke us up every morning.

    Alhambra Castle was a major highlight for me – I have several photos of the beautiful, serene poold. And of the ruins at Carthage, as well as the Henry the Nab
    Vigayor statue in Lisbon. I disobeyed my teacher and went into the Casbah in Tangier and have some nice photos from there.

    There was a good looking crew member we all had a crush on – he handled it well. All in all, a wonderful trip, the only cruise I’ve ever been on. I often wonder how frustrating it must have been door some of the cabin passengers, with all these excitable kids full of hormones charging around all the time!

    • Sylvia – thank you so much for yet another great story!

      The comments we’re getting these days really do liven up this site and it’s great to see it being used like this!!

      Any more thoughts – please do bring them over to us!

      Bye for now


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