THANK you for visiting the new Dunera website and I hope you find the information as interesting and informative as I know a lot of people do.

The idea of setting this new “blog” version is to allow your post and information to be added without waiting for me to add it manually. I do get a bit behind due to other commitments and I feel it’s only right that no-one misses out because I may not have added a contribution.

This site is set to allow anyone to register! This COULD be a problem if we get a lot of “bad” registrations!! However I would like to make this as accessible as possible for anyone who has travelled on the Dunera and would like to post or comment on the site. PLEASE use it responsibly please…

How to Register an account to post:

  • Click the Register link in the menu above.
  • Add a Username and password that you would like to use. PLEASE make the password as complicated as you can!!! Too many people use a word that can be hacked!!
  • You will be taken to the Login screen and asked to check email. You will receive an email with your username and password that you have set.
  • Login to the page you were taken to and post away.
  • The post will not appear right away as the system is such that new posts are checked in case of the dreaded sp*m or plain rude posts!!

Too many “weird looking” usernames and no detail within the profile will be deleted as possible false user types. If you think you have bneen deleted wrongly, please do get in touch and let me know. Thanks.

Please use this Register Here link and sign in. You need a user name and email address – that is all. NONE of your information is shared or passed on UNLESS you have reason to want the information allowed public.

Have Trouble Remembering Passwords?

I certainly USED to! Til I found RoboForm!

ROBOFORM – Password management

RoboForm: Learn more...

Please also let me know what you think of the new version and what improvements you think could be made!

Many thanks

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