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This came in quite a while ago from a dear friend to the website, Anna. I have had a lot of catching up to do on here – my apologies Anna

Hi there, I saw this on ABC Online and thought you might be interested:

Night Air – 15 August 2010 – Dunera

The myths, the legends, the outrageously true stories – The Dunera was more than a ship which steamed to Australia bringing 3000 internees during World War II, it was old Europe and new Australia, high culture and desert internment camps, the loss of hope and the beginnings of optimism. Get aboard The Dunera with us.

In today, 6-12-10, from J.A.Mortimer

After serving in Malaya in army went by train to Singapore then boarded mv Dunera for Southampton we was 1 or 2 days at sea and going throuh Mallaca Straits orded on deck and give a bottle of beer to celebrate the Queens coronation may 1953 was a v/good sail I was on d2 deck I think it was 4 weeks trip which was 2 weeks faster than sailing out on Empire Windrush …

FREE Video Package!

Just in today, 4-12-10 from GC a call for Dr Ken Hardy

I wish to contact Ken Hardy, medical officer 1952/3 on HMT Dunera. I have written the story of a POW who died on board the Dunera in 1953 and I think that Ken may have some vital information for me. Thank you

Previous entry from Dr Hardy here and I have passed on the message.

From: John Weeks, received on 1-12-10
Further to my previous comments dated 20/1/08. I have now discovered the cartoons were in the London Evening News called ‘London Laughs’ by Lee”

Does anyone else have anything to add here?

Swithin Fry emailed in for a bit of help please on Wednesday, May 12 Hi – I’m researching a play set in Cape Town in ’48…it involves a voyage from UK to Cape T that year – does anyone know if MS Dunera might have done this trip…and if not, which ship might have? AND how long would the voyage have taken??
Thanks Swithin

Donald A Macdonald emailed in on Sunday, May 09
I worked in the school office during June and July of 1967. I was the one who wakened everybody up in the morning! I met my wife Roma during this time and we are soon to celebrate 40 years of marriage. Thank you Dunera.

Fantastic result Donald!!! Congratulations to you both..

Pauline Stillman nee Lyons just emailed on Saturday, April 17
I was on the ship in 1964 from the Sacred Heart Sec. School in Camberwell, London. I have the post card that I sent to my parents from the trip and would love to get in touch with any of the students from the school who were on the trip.Thanks for this website and hope to make contact to share those good memories…

Hello Pauline – you just caught me in an efficient moment!! I have been catching up with some belated entries…!!

Sally Hayes has emailed us, Friday, April 16
Does anyone remember my father Sargeant George Coulson of 2nd Batallion Coldstream Guards? We sailed to Kenya on the Dunera in June 1959 when I was 5 years old.

Anyone got an answer here for Sally?

Saturday 27th March 2010 – Margaret Moore ( has emailed a very detailed account here!! Anyone else remember this trip?

M S Dunera 9th November 1961

I remember my school trip on the Dunera with great fondness ! The little ditty we had to sing has never been forgotten – even after all these years..

‘Give three cheers for the Dunera
Lisbon Tenerife Madeira
Makes our little tummies queerer
A bath tub’s twice as good’

I shall never forget the first sight of Madeira – after crossing the infamous Bay of Biscay in November :). We arrived at 0600 – I still have my Dunera Log Book plus other items I collected on the trip.

The Wireless News dated 11th November 1961 states (amongst other stories..)

London: British European Airways loaders were on strike. (Nothing changes !!)

Washington: America plans to orbit a chimpanzee three times around the Earth in a Mercury Rocket space–capsule next week.

Lawn Tennis: Brisbane. Rod Laver won the Men’s singles in the Queensland Championships.

London: British weather forecast for Sunday. Bright and Sunny in the North; showers in the South.

I must have frightened my parents when writing home saying ‘On Friday night the weather was really rough and we had to keep stopping…’ and ‘ We had a life boat drill and they had the boats rudder and things going…’

If anyone else remembers that Cruise I would love to hear from them!
Margaret Moore

Rob Lawson emailed on Friday, March 12, 2010

I was on M.S. Dunera, a Mediterranean Educational Cruise in 1967 with Leek High School for boys. [Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane and snoopy v the red baron were the pop hits of the cruise] I’m a little vague about what ports but I can particularly remember Venice, Piraievs (Athens), and Naples.

I have a photo of us disembarking in Naples to board coaches to visit Solfatara volcano and Pompeii. It must have been one of the last cruises before being taken out of service. I remember we were caught in a violent storm between Greece and Italy, force 11.

Almost everyone was ill – except a few including myself. I went on deck and saw waves higher than the bridge at each end of the ship, as we were in a trough at 90 degrees sailing up the face of each wave before breaching. I was 13 years old at the time and it was amazing, I have travelled extensively by sea since, but never been in a worse storm.

We had a hull plate rivet head that fell off the wall in our dormitory, it was completely corroded held on only with layers of paint.

I later went on MS Nevasa for a Scandinavian cruise including Soviet Russia. These were true educational trips and have been with me ever since. Happy Innocent Days.

Many thanks for this! HOW were you not ill!!??

Joyce Keegan on Sunday, March 07, 2010
Very interested to come across this web site. Anyone on cruise in 1966 about April, went to Norway Denmark and Poland on the Dunera.

Thank you Joyce – any other items of news you may have would be most welcome!

Some belated additions – my apologiesto you all!

Captain Lawrence Marsh on Thursday, February 18
I cannot remember when I went on the cruise, it must have been 1966-67. I am Maltese and we joined the ship at valletta Grand Harbour some time in February, as the weather in the Eastern Med was bad.We went to Izmir (Turkey), Iraklion ( Crete), Hifa (Israel). It was a dream cruise altough in the end I ended up as an airline captain, not my first choice. I wish if some person who was on that cruise would cantact me. regards captain Lawrence Marsh

Dr Ken Hardy on Wednesday, February 17

I was the Senior Medical Officer on the Dunera from 1952 until 1954 the period when we brought home the P.O.W.’s from Korea. Very eventful voyages. Could write more if you wish.

Pam Davis on Wednesday, February 10, 2010
I was on an Educational Cruise in 1964 on the Dunera. It sailed out of Venice so we had to cross Europe to board-an adventure in itself! I , unfortunately, most remember the Channel crossing in gale force winds, with most of us extremely ill! We kissed the ground at Calais!. We sailed the Adriatic-then Carthage, Malta, Sardinia, Gibralter, Lisbon to Southampton. What a wonderful experience. I live in Australia now and have just watched “The Dunera Boys”- what can I say? The many “aliens” that stayed have made enormous, wonderful contibutions to this country. Bless all who sailed in the Dunera-wartime or after.

Anna Fletcher emailed a note in to Jennifer, way back on 26th January…I have passed this on…my apologies for the delay, again :0(

Dear Jennifer,
My father also travelled on the same voyage of the Dunera leaving Liverpool on July 10th 1940 and arriving in Sydney on September 6th. As it is now almost 4 years since your request ( I have only just found the website!) you may already have information. But I would be very happy to correspond with another Dunera Boy “daughter” and provide information if possible. I don’t have any photos of them on the ship or in Internment Camp here in Australia, but I think I have one of Dad in Australian Army uniform taken in North Melbourne while he – along with most of the Dunera Boys – was serving in the 8th Employment Company following their release from Internment Camp in Tatura. I’ve been to many Dunera Reunions and my father unveiled a memorial to the Dunera Boys in Hay on the 50th anniversary of their arrival in Australia – I think I have a photo of this as well – somewhere!
Let me know if you’d like more information.
Kind regards
Anna Fletcher

Murray Parr emailed us on Wednesday, January 06, 2010
re letter from Betty Cochrane-Dunera sailed from Southhampton to Kenya in June 1959 with 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards

Steven D. Marsh emailed on Monday, January 04, 2010
I was on the SS Dunera on a trip from Southampton to Singapore in 1958, and returned on the same boat in 1961. My Father, Captain Malcolm Marsh, and my Mother, Barbara was stationed out there for 3 happy years.

I remember winning first prize in the fancy dress party, dressed as a “Trog” and my joy was shortlived having my body paint being scrubbed off with cold seawater. I remember on the return journey, Hugh Vass and myself sneaking out in the middle of a typhoon, doing forward rolls down the entire deck of the boat, while everyone was searching for us, down below. No sense of humour at all when we showed up! Can remember no other names at all, but feel free to contact me with any memories to share. Steven

PETE DELDUCA contacted us on Tuesday, December 22, 2009
I notice some of your accounts say they used the Dunera as a schoolship in 1960. This is wrong, I was on the last outward bound voyage as a troop ship in Jan 1961, UK to Aden. We got off in Limassol Cyprus. Check out this youtube video of that trip.

I have very fond memories of the trip but feel we missed out as the ship was in quaratine in the ports and you could only disembark if it was your final destination. I recall stopping At Gibralta, Malta and Cyprus from there she went to Aden. I also remember watching as an entire load of packing cases fell into Valetta harbour and some poor family’s entire belongings disappeared beneath the waves.

Clive Shakespeare emailed on Friday, March 05, 2010
Like Liz Page I was on the cruise in November 1963 when Kennedy was shot. I was at Brockenhurst Grammer School at the time. Great memories of Pico bitter lemon cans, card games in the canteen, and Surfer Joe on the juke box. We went to some great places as well!

Thank you Clive.

Robert Avant emailed on Saturday, February 06, 2010
I have recently had old 8mm movie footage of a 15 year olds experience on the Last Dunera Cruise put onto DVD. If you want a copy to add parts to the Web Site please contact me.
Yes Please Robert! I will email you! I have been sent a photo taken from an 8mm movie as well!! See below! I will be in touch shortly.

Dunera image from an 8mm movie

David Boughton emailed a while ago (my apologies, David) on Saturday, January 30, 2010
I was with the Ipswich School party on the August 1964 (I think) trip to Denmark, Sweden, Russia. It was the most valuable part of of my whole education. I came back a very different boy. I remember Senior Service cigarettes from the crew at 1/6d a packet and some lovely girls. Names I recall are Marilyn Taylor and Dinah Chandler from Carshalton and Wendy Fayrer from Ewell(?). I remember the ship hit the quayside with a great bang when leaving Tilbury. I also recall the huge impact of Leningrad (as was) on all of us. I am so grateful to that cruise for opening my eyes to so much.

David Matthews has responded in reply to Kenneth Dick and his email

Which 1967 cruise were you on? I was on the last voyage leaving Southamptom on October 17th. David Matthews

Chris Woods emailed in on Wednesday, January 13, 2010
I travelled on Dunera in April ’64 on a school trip taking in Lisbon, Tangier, Tunis and ports in Spain. The trip was booked when I was attending Rainsford School in Chelmsford but had moved to Harlow by the time we sailed, so no school lessons – happy memories.

Thanks Chris – Who knows there may be others here or “out there” who were on the same trip!

Murray Parr emailed on Wednesday, January 06, 2010
re letter from Betty Cochrane – Dunera sailed fom Southhampton to Kenya in June 1959 with 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards

Pete Delduca emailed on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 (Again – My apologies for the delay in updating here
I notice some of your accounts say they used the Dunera as a schoolship in 1960. This is wrong, I was on the last outward bound voyage as a troop ship in Jan 1961, UK to Aden. We got off in Limassol Cyprus. heck out this youtube video of tha t trip. I have very fond memories of the trip but feel we missed out as the ship was in quaratine in the ports and you could only disembark if it was your final destination. I recall stopping At Gibralta, Malta and Cyprus from there she went to Aden. I also remember watching as an entire load of packing cases fell into Valetta harbour and some poor family’s entire belongings disappeared beneath the waves.

Kenneth Dick emailed a while ago on Thursday, December 24 (My apologies for the delay here)
Does anyone remember the 1967 school cruise, I was a pupil at The Royal High School. I took a movie camera with me and filmed the whole trip and soundtracked it with music from that year!

Tony Rea emailed in on Saturday, November 21, 2009 asking for people on a 1964 trip to Poland,
Does anyone remember the trip 1964 to Poland, Denmark, Sweden – All Saints School Coatdyke…get in touch

Email address supplied

Bob Smith emailed in on Thursday, November 19, 2009 (Sorry a bit late again with this one Bob)
Further to Joe Gibson’s query, I sailed from Yorkhill Quay in Glasgow in June 1955 bound for Inchon, South Korea with the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders. The ship was due to sail from Southampton but a National Rail Strike intervened. The “Dunera” was sailed to the Clyde and a volunteer driver and fireman ran a special train to meet the ship. I spent 11 months in Korea as NCO in charge of the distribution of rations to the Regiment and later to the other UK Regiments as well.

Alan Barry emailed in with a question on Monday, November 16, 2009
Would someone please confirm it was the Dunera that sailed from Singapore for UK on 1 June 1953. I know we, my mother and sister Jennifer and I, sailed from Singapore on a troopship then and there was a children’s fancy dress party onboard the next day, Coronation Day. I wore a pair of light blue striped pyjamas with a pillow under my top and a fez – King Farouk.

We had been at RAF Changi for 2 and 1/2 years and actually went there again in 1955 for a further 3 years.

Could, once again, someone please confirm it was the Dunera who sailed on that date, as we sailed on the Empire Windrush, Oxfordshire and the Dunera?

Anyone help here, please? Email address supplied

Bernard Gordon has emailed in on Friday, November 13, 2009
Just read your site and fond memories were stirred, I was on the first school cruise on the Dunera the year was 1960 and we sailed to a port called Corunna in Spain then on to Lisbon in Portugal and then onto Gib “The Rock”lovely times. My school was St Josephs Milfield Sunderland.

Email address supplied

Marilyn Walker on Wednesday, October 14, 2009.Again – sorry for the delay on this one as well, Marilyn
I think it was 1956 when we boarded the Dunera. I was only five. My mum had us three girls, me being the eldest, she was also expecting brother. Dad was in Singapore waiting for us. I remember me and my sister had to go to school. Mum was poorly for most of the six weeks trip and spent it in the ship’s hospital, along with my youngest sister who was two. We older girls were looked after by some WRACS as far as I can remember. I can remember my sister falling out of her bunkbed in a storm one night.

Also dolphins.

The ship also seemed to smell of paint all the time.

Terry Burgess on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 (Sorry Terry – a bit late with this one)
The Dunera brought the Parachute Regt back from Cyprus in Jan/Feb 1956 after Suez and EOKA operations. I was on board with 2 Para and acted as ships police

Thanks Terry – email address supplied

Tim Bennington emailed in with this comment on Thursday, November 05, 2009
My dad was on the Dunera in the early 50’s (not sure what dates). I know he sailed to Hong Kong and Korea with the army. I wandered if anyone might remember him, or have any stories. I have a photo of him with 3 mates Cyril, Jock and we can’t read the other name.I would be really interested if anyone out there has any memories at all.

Anyone visiting this site know Tim’s father?
Email address supplied

Dunera Reid emailed in this one on Monday, November 02, 2009
Kia Ora All!

How interesting to actually be reading about people travelling on ‘the DUNERA’

My name is DUNERA REID.

I am the daughter of Herepo Ruawhe Harawira or was known by his army mates as Jerry Hadfield.

I was born in September, 1947.which is when dad was sailing from New Zealand to Japan then on the DUNERA.

He was one of the Maori Chaplains,under the umbrella of the Anglican Church. He travelled with his first cousin Kahi Harawira.

I am in possession of his old trunk and two old wooden boxes that have his name Capt. H.R.Hadfield. Draft 1 81 29 82, written on them. So along with the name I have a bit of history in the old trunk and boxes as well.

The trunk has been battered around abit, but the boxes have stood up better. Oh that they could speak? They would certainly have a great peice of history to tell.

Would love to confer with others sometime
Heaps of Blessings to you ALL.

Dorothy Turpy emailed in on Saturday, October 31, 2009
Just came across this page about the Dunera. We sailed home from Singapore via Suez in the summer of 1958. The Dunera was pretty empty until Cyprus so we had lots of room to spread ourselves. Slept on deck quite regularly. I remember someone shot themselves in the foot – like someone else mentions – but our boat was returning to UK. It must have been quite a regular occurrence!

Thanks for this Dorothy??! Does anyone else recall this incident? Do get in touch and let us know!! I think Mr Heinrich Richheimer below was on the same trip??

Email address supplied

Heinrich Richheimer emailed in Friday, October 09, 2009
Dunera is one of my childhood memories. We sailed in her from Singapore to Southampton in August 1958 stopping at Colombo, Aden, Suez, Famagusta and Gibraltar. Four weeks in all. It was a great trip. As 1st class very few passengers, they increased the amount of deck space for us in 2nd class. Great for a boy of 11!

I also remember a shooting accident when one of the officers shot himself in the foot. Would love to here from anyone who was on that voyage.

Does anyone remember the officer shooting himself?? If so – get in touch and let us hear your memories!
Email address supplied.
Many thanks for this.

Email address supplied

Claire has emailed in with the following on Monday, September 28, 2009
I have found a postcard of the Dunera that belonged to My Grandad. He was on The Dunera in 1947 and on the back he has written the ports they stopped in on the way back from Karachi to Southampton – 9th Oct 1947 – end of October 1947. My grandad was called Alfred Baynham and I would love to know if anyone out there knows him. A photograph I have from the time has Alf with some friends, one called Lofty, and it says they were in Chingleput, Madras, April 1947.

Hey folks – anyone know Alf and Lofty from a time in Chingleput 1947? Do get in touch with Claire, her email address is: (Claire we would love to know if you get a contact!)

Anne Kupczak has emailed in on September 21, 2009 about a trip in March 1964
Was on the Dunera for my birthday March 1964. This event was celebraqted in style in Corfu Town, Beer was very cheap there!!!!!!! We flew to Venice and subsequently had our “bums” pinched by the local boys whilst sightseeing the canals. From there we went to Athens and then on to Turkey, returning to Venice to fly home. Many memories of a fantastic holiday with school mates. Basingstoke High School for Girls.

Any more young ladies on this trip who would like to let us all know how it went? Do get in touch. (Anne’s email address is supplied)

Email address supplied

Lyn Funnell (nee Richards) has emailed in…September 15, 2009 I lived & went to Tal Handaq school in Malta from 64–67. We were invited to visit the Dunera in Valletta Harbour, probably in ’64. I think 3 or 4 of us went. We met a group of girls who were very friendly & showed us round. Then we had a dance there. I bet no–one remembers us!

Thanks for this Lyn. Come on folks – prove Lyn wrong and let us know you remember her!!
Email address supplied

Joe Gibson has emailed in with a query on Thursday, September 03, 2009
Hi I am wondering why the sailing from Port Glasgow on 23rd June 1955 has not been mentioned, I was with the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders sailing to Korea in the Dunera and would like to hear from anyone who was on this trip with us, my e-mail address is attached.
Joe Gibson

Thanks Joe. Anyone got any news on this one??

Back Up

Jeffrey Farrier has emailed a 2nd request on Wednesday, September 02, 2009
I should be very interested to hear from any ex RAF personnel who travelled on the troop ship from Bombay to Kure April / May 1946. Eric Gould Ron Whitman and Peter Greenwood. Many thanks
Email address:

This is a repeat request – first is here. Can anyone help??

A response for Mary James here by Del Jones….August 28, 2009
In response to Mary James Question relating to the relocation of Jews to Australia during WW2.

An Australian TV Movie staring Joseph Spano & Bob Hoskins titled the “Dunera Boys” was made in 1985.

This movie traced the plight of Jews in the UK and their relocation to Australia. The movie has both high and low points and shows the courage, tenacity and humor of the jewish people relocated to Australia and the shame of British & Australian govenments during this time in history. Further detail is provided by Googling “The Dunera Boys”. I hope this may assist with your research.

Many thanks for this Del. I will make sure that Mary knows about this…
Email address supplied

Eric Roberts has emailed in with a question…August 25, 2009
Was Dunera used for school trips in the 1930’s ?

Can anyone help with this question? Email address supplied.

I’m sorry – I digress here. I have NO idea if there are any fans of the Compare the Meercat ads, but this is an out–take set….Just for a bit of a laugh!!

Don’t worry – this will be added to my own site shortly – again just for a giggle! I’ll remove from here at that time unless I’m told not to!!

Chris Christodolo has emailed in with this interesting connection…August 14, 2009
Like Malcolm Jackson I too was on the Dunera. I was also only 18 & loved every moment of my stay even tho’ suffering many cancers etc due to being exposed to massive doses of Radiation.

I’m 70 now but look back with fondness, my name was David Hill, in those days Taff Hill Dumper Truck driver we helped built the runways for the H Bomb carrying Vulcans & Valliants, a piece of history that I remember but forgotten by those who sent us!

Thanks for this Chris…anyone else remember this time?
Email address supplied

Malcolm Jackson just emailed in on August 06, 2009…
I sailed on the Dunera from Southhampton on New Years Eve 1957 I was with 38 Corps Engineer Regiment, we were bound for Christmas Island.One unusual feature of this voyage we had on board some wives and sweethearts of personnel of 25 Eng Regt who we were going to relieve.I seem to recall this made headlines in some of th papers,it was probably a publicity stunt to show how safe the nuclear tests were!!!!!

We stopped at Curaceo in The Dutch West Indies for a run ashore, then again in Panama City, I think, before we passed through the Panama Canal. Great experiences for an 18 year old sapper. It was then a few weeks sail across the to our home for the next year.

I really enjoyed the cruise on the Dunera as I found I was a good sailor, even enjoyed The Bay of Biscay. I recall not many of us made it to breakfast in the first days on board..

Just in after the above…
I have just discovered your site and I feel 18 again!. I have made a short contribution a few minutes ago…(above – Ed)

I have just noticed a message from a Pat Urquhart in you late entries box and realise she was on the same voyage as me. I was in 38 Corps Engineer Regiment. Could you pass on my details to her please?

Best wishes and thanks for a great site
Mal Jackson

Geoff Birks has just emailed in August 04, 2009
I sailed on the Dunera from Southampton in August 1956 while serving as a Radar Operator in the RAF. It was a very full ship and a very rough crossing across the Bay of Biscay caused a few problems. I finished up at RAF Kormakiti in Cyprus, and it would be great to hear from anyone who was on that trip

Email address supplied. Thanks Geoff. Maybe someone will get in touch.

Graham Borradaile has emailed – Saturday, August 01, 2009 at 19:01:05
Anyone recall the Baltic cruise (1962/2)? I would like to contact friends made, including Suzanne Madley of Maidehead.

Thanks Graham – anyone help here? Email address supplied

Jeffrey Farrier emailed in on Sunday, July 19, 2009
Whist in the RAF I sailed in the Dunera when it was a troop ship from Bombay to Kure April/May 1946 I would like to hear from anyone who was on the ship, particularly Eric Gould and Ron Whitman

If anyone can help Jeffrey – please do get in touch – Email:

Two contacts that got lost in my inbox – my apologies to you both: Patricia and John (below)

Patricia Urquhart (nee McCarthy) also emailed a while ago on Saturday, June 20, 2009
In 1957/58 traveled w/Mother, 3 sister’s and brother on the troopship Dunera to/from Christmas Island, via Panama Canel and Hawaii..

Email address supplied


John Godfrey emailed a while ago with a question on Sunday, June 21, 2009
Do you know if any memorial has been made in Liverpool to commemorate the transportation of Jewish internees in July 1940 Has there been any service of repentance or commemoration on this issue in the UK.

Email address supplied

Charlie has been in touch with a question about Dunera’s docking arrangements…July 10, 2009
Does anyone know or remember the name of the dock the Dunera left Liverpool from in 1940? I am doing reserch on docks the Dunera stayed in over her history.
Thank you

Email address supplied

Mary James emailed with a request on Thursday, June 25, 2009…
Does anyone have any information about those people who were sent to Australia in 1940 on the Dunera as ‘enemy aliens’?

I am researching about those sent out to Australia on the Dunera and in particular those who were previously put on the Arandora Star which was torpedoed.
I hope to hear from you.
Mary James

Email address supplied

Peter Eckersley contacted us on Friday…19/06/09

I sailed on the Dunera from Polymedia Camp Limasol in Aug 1956. It took ten days, the bay was heaving we thought at one time we weren’t going to make it. It was so rough when we reached Southampton the ship was listing to port due to all the water tanks emptying on one side and all the troops gathered on the listing side to catch our first glimpse of England for a while. Great site.
Peter Eckersley, Ex–sapper

Thank you for this Peter – great information and I wonder how many other guys would know about this site??
Email address supplied

Ian Broadbent has emailed in this great trip story…10/06/09

I’ve been collecting snippets of info and pictures relating to the Dunera for some time, but only today have I ‘discovered’ this site.

I sailed as part of the ’67 summer trip to Norway and Denmark from Grangemouth (Scotland). I was attending West Calder High.

The trip even began fantastically as we sailed out of the Forth under the still fairly new Forth Road Bridge. As we sailed under it the walkway was lined with parents waving their goodbyes (having raced along the road from Grangemouth to beat the ship to the bridge)……more

This is an excellent article – long enough to have its own page right here.
Thank you Ian, keep in touch!!

Email address supplied

FREE Video Package!

John Klemantaski has written in today – 2nd June 2009
The site seems to be very quiet, like dead! Shame, because this is a little part of my past that I’d like to complete.

I was on the Easter ’63 cruise. I was at DCPS (Dulwich College Prep School) and have lost all my photos of that trip.

I remember the train across Europe to Venice and boarding the ship. I remember the Corinth canal, Malta, Gibraltar, Delphi, Piraeus, Athens and a lot of pereipheral stuff. Summer Holiday was THE movie. Oh yes, and Speedy Gonzalez on the jukebox in the canteen. Older girls in ski pants (I was 12). Twisting the night (well, the afternoon) away. A seriously heavy crossing of the Bay of Biscay on the way home. Grand piano breaking free in the salon etc. Waves towering above the decks. I had those pictures and lost them!

I was also terribly moved by what Liz Page wrote, quote “24/02/07…Liz Page (nee Lovelace) has written in… I was on the cruise in 1963 which returned the day Kennedy was shot too. I still dream of going back to Delphi and the Bronze Charrioteer. I was 13 at the time and have never forgotten”

I’d love to hear from anyone who was on those Mediterranean cruises in 1963. And Liz Page in particular.
Email John on this link

Editor’s note:
I guess I’m a tad guilty for the slow down on this site. I had hoped that the forum was going to “Liven it up” but it was a waste of time and I guess it put a LOT of people off….shame on me. So I decided that it was such an interesting set of information – as you seem to have found – that I have restarted the original format. Just hope I can keep up with it!! I have tried Liz Page’s email address to no avail – I hope she may pop back here and see your post.

Michael Ayres 28th May 09
Is there any record of DUNERA’s movements immediately prior to July 1940, when she sailed to Australia? I am British but was born in Marseille in July 1939. My parents are long dead, but I have a recollection of being told that my mother and I were evacuated from Marseille on the last ship out of that port when I was aged 10 months, i.e. around May/June 1940, taking three weeks to reach Liverpool. I have a vague memory of being told that the ship on which we sailed was the DUNERA (and that Somerset Maugham was a fellow–passenger!). I would be very glad to have confirmation or otherwise of my recollection.
Thank you.
Michael Ayres
Email Michael from this link
Please keep in touch and let us know if you have any contact Michael! Many thanks

John Wilmot 9th May 09
I was on the MS Dunera 1962, April time i think,from Grangemouth, Scotland. Over to Bergen,Oslo, then to Copenhagen. I remember the helpful crew who helped us make those sheets and blanket into what looked and felt like a really snug sleeping bag.
Email address supplied but not shown unless requested

Mike McHugh 23rd May 09
I sailed to Kure, Japan, on the Dunera in 1954. After we left Singapore, the Captain announced that as there was a Typhoon moving down from Japan we would have to go up athe Formosa (now Taiwan) straits to miss it. He also said to disregard any shell fire between mainland China and Formosa as it would pass harmlessly over us. When we came out of the straits we ran into the typhoon and we were confined to sleeping quarters. Fortunately I was one of the few who was not seasick. When we got to Kure we saw the devastation the typhoon had done to the docks. The whole journey took 5 weeks. My return journey was on the MS Empire Fowey in December ’55 and we raced the Dunera back to Southamton from Hong Kong.
Email address supplied but not shown unless requested

Henry Marshall on Tuesday, May 05, 2009
I sailed on the MS Dunera in 1953 when I was 5 with my mother and brother to join my father who was serving in Honk Kong at the time, it took 8 weeks and was an unforgetable memory, on board were troops bound for Korea many who sadly didn’t return.

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  1. I was on Cruise J, May and June 1961, leaving Grangemouth along with some 600 kids from Ayrshire Schools, sailing to Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen and Hamburg. A very interesting and exciting time for a 14 year old many happy memories.

    • I was a Junior 5th Engineer Officer on the Dunera when she was converted from a troop ship to a school cruise ship.

      The ship was converted in Hebburn and the first trip was from Newcastle for the press and after that the cruises were for the schools.

      I finally left the BI in autumn 1962.

      Lovely memories!

      • Hello Mike

        Many thanks for getting in touch – these memories are most excellent to hear about and the site is beginning to get a large following!

        Please do add more if you have anything to add, but great to hear from you…

        Bye for now



    Great site I sailed from Southampton to Limassol on Dunera in 1960 during national service with the Devon & Dorsets calling in at Gibralta & Malta enjoyed the journey except trough the Bay Of Biscay where we hit a force ten gale which was a bit worrying as waves were going down the hatchway in the bow, the Med was a breeze after that we passed a british warship with nets over the side and sailors jumping in for a swim.

  3. my brother james aitchison is trying to find information about SS Dunera troop ship sailing from Christmas island 1958-59 he thinks
    and information

    • Hello Ms Snaith

      Many thanks for getting in touch here – if you happen to be on Facebook it might be an idea to pop in there to our FB page and post as well….?

      Let us know how you get on – I will post on there for you if you like – just let me know…

      Bye for now


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