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  1. Hi, I was on that trip back in 1962 and yes it was filmed but by the then Southern Television and it was shown on Christmas Day at 6pm.
    I got a copy of the film from the only source and that is the Wessex Film and Sound Archive. It cost me £16 a few years ago. The film is called School at Sea.
    Hope that info helps.

    • Hi Chris
      I can’t believe I have only just picked up your message in reply to my post on the Dunera school trip where you said you had a copy of the film. It would be fantastic if I could get a copy of your film. I was on the cruise with my boyfriend, who 29 years later eventually became my partner, but we only had 6 precious years together before he passed away with cancer so it would mean so much to me to get a copy of the film. I look forward to hearing from you. My email is ambleside21@hotmail.co.uk or mobile 07531302379 best wishes. Jill

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