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  1. Does anyone remember when the Dunera became the original Club 18-30 cruise ship in the sixties…..actually it was for 18 to 21 year old’s. Onboard we had the Formost pop group on board to entertain us. An amazing time was had by everyone.

    • Hello Glyn

      Apologies for a late reply – thank you for your question here – I hope you can get an answer.

      Once again I say – contact from people who are “connected” to Dunera is what keeps the site interesting and lively!!

      Very best to you


      • Hello Glynn and Mike,

        My father was serving onboard the Dunera during the 1960’S as a “Maintainence Engineer (3rd Engineer)”, I remember having the “Formost” visiting our house during this time as my father had made friends with the group during this period.

        I particularly recall, my auntie, stitching “extra long shirt sleeves” into “Billy’s” (lead singer) shirts, because they were performing the “You need hands” song at the local cabaret club “Fiesta” at Stockton on Tees.

        I also have the “Formost” record album (vinyl) signed by the members of the band. I also have several other interesting “Dunera” memorabilia, including the “Dunera” heavyweight shield, which has Brittania Trident cast in brass on an Aluminium shield, that I believe was located within the “Engine Room”, photographs will be available for prospective purchasers of this memorobelia, please respond here.

        • Hello David

          Another great memory here! Thank you and it is great to see how many people are coming in these days to tell their stories!

          Thank you and I hope you get a reply.

          Bye for now


  2. Hi There:

    Just found your website—absolutely fascinating. I was on two Dunera cruises as a schoolboy, Christmas 1964 to Greece and Israel, and August 1965 to Sweden and Russia (with side trip to Moscow). I still remember the great times and I still have the photos from the trip!

    I would very much like to contact anyone on those trips. Dick Jackson—are you still around?

    • Hello Dave

      Really good to hear from you!! Glad you found the site and if you wish to let some photos be published in a post on your behalf – please do send them over to me and some copy about them!

      The interest in this site has gradually built and it excellent to see, and good to keep it all “alive”!!

      Thank you.

      Bye for now


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