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Mutiny on board the Dunera? — 2 Comments

  1. This is a long shot but at Ramsey Heritage Centre I am compiling the story of internment in Ramsey Isle of Man during WW2 to coincide with 75 years since it began in May 1940.

    If Werner Kittel reads this I would be interested to know if he has any photos or stories about his family’s time at Dunluce, Ballure Road, Ramsey, Isle of Man that he would be willing to share.

    The centre is on Facebook (just search Ramsey Heritage Centre) and I can also be contacted at ramseyheritagecentre@manx.net

    • Hello John

      Many thanks for your question / comment here.

      I would hope you may get a response – you may also like to register on here to post a full article etc? If so I would be pleased to let it loose on the site.

      If you prefer send me an article (mike@mikefinding.com) and I will post on your behalf.

      Also you may like to add to our Dunera Facebook page

      Many thanks


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