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Mike Atkins – to Singapore April 1952 — 5 Comments

  1. I sailed on the Dunera from Southamton to Singapore Oct 52 and worked at GHQFARELF Tanglin untilsailing back to UK on Georgic Mar 54
    pretty certain I have a Photo of Mike Atkins and many others. Tanglin was a good camp.

    • I was your companion on both trips Alan. We had no idea where we were destined for Malaya, Hong Kong or Korea.

      I was posted to Malaya 16 Fld Ambulance along with the Royal West Kents and The Suffolk Light Infantry.

      Remember we made an unscheduled stop at Gibralter on the Dunera? that was because we collected a mental patient at Port Said and I was one of his security team.

      I should have returned on the Windrush but that was not to be, so I returned on the Georgic a former White Star Liner which was luxury compared to the Dunera.

  2. Ray’s path and mine did not cross but I am in touch with Alan Brown.

    We both knew each other well at Tanglin Barracks and had a common friend in Dennis (Ches) Chesworth.

    It may well be that Ray, Ches and Alan travelled home together as I know Ches was listed for the Windrush.

    Alan is in Scotland, I am in Essex, but I am sorry to say that Ches died a few years ago.

    Best regards,

    Mike Atkins.

  3. I sailed on the Dunera from Southampton docks sometime between 1949 and 1950 or there about as I just cannot really remember that long ago.

    Can any one help me? I do remember the ship was for the complete Middlesex Regiment and others.

    I was one of the other national service persons but the whole ship was controlled by and for the Middlesex Regimented.

    I returned from Singapore on the ek King Farouke ocean going yaught that had been turned into troop hospital ship.

    Does any one recall these dates and hospital ship?

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