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  1. My father was a Dunera Boy! His name was Heiner or Harry Boxer. He may have used his step father’s surname of Theimer. He changed his name when he was returned to England and joined the British army to Harold (Harry) Stewart Latimer.

    He lived in England,Germany, Malaysia and South Africa before settling in Germany where he lived for the last 20 years of his life. He passed away in 1996 at the age of 76.

    My father studied written Chinese in intern camp, played jazz and was an entertaining individual.

    When he saw that all possessions were being confiscated from those on board The Dunera, my father went to the back of the ship, undid the lining of his trouser’s fly and placed the miniature bible, magnifying glass and wrist watch his step father had given him before they parted company in Vienna. I have those 3 items in my possession! Although he was born Jewish, my father was a practicing Christian.

    I would be very interested in contacting anyone who may still be alive who may remember him.


    Christine Latimer Walzer

    • Hello Christine – thank you so much for your addition to the site!

      MOST excellent and along with all others who add to it here – you all improve our “interest” levels!

      It IS possible that a comment like yours on here may well bring a contact over to you – please do let us know if that happens.

      If you would like to add a post in the blog area (might be more “visible”), please either register and post, or send it on to me and I will add it on your behalf with any relevant contact information you would like

      Many thanks and the Very best to you and yours for 2015

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  2. Dear Christine,
    I am a researcher on Austrian born Dunera Boys and very much interested in the biography of your late father.

    Would you please get into contact with me. Maybe I also have some information for you.
    Kind regards

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