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“M.S. Dunera” lapel badge — 5 Comments

  1. I have taken a picture of the badge as promised. Given its size, getting a decent picture is not easy with my ancient digital camera !


    • Just came across your post about the Dunera after I found my certificate from the Dunera Shipmates Club for cruise 137 way back in 1966

    • Definitely clickable! If you email it to me I will add it to the post – or you see if you can upload to the post or a new post if you wish?
      Let me know what you would like to do Steve. But thanks again for keeping this going!
      Bye for now

  2. I was on the Dunera, a school trip with All saint’s school in Weymouth.
    I think the year may have been 1966. I remember having terrible weather which caused a few accidents on board. I believe a couple of pupils were sent home, because of injury. I have also come across my badge identical to the one Steve has. I am not sure but I think the M S
    Dunera was scraped on our return.

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