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    • Hello Sarah

      Many thanks for your note here – I’m sure someone could well be pleased to get in touch with you on this! Comments and replies keep the site alive and it’s great to hear stories…

      Happy New Year to you and yours

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  1. Hi, I have just found this web site and am interested in one of the early sailings of the Dunera.

    My father was a regular soldier prior to and during WW11 and was posted to serve in Malta in 1935.

    After his tour of duty there he returned to Southampton in December 1937 aboard this ship. He sent a postcard to my mother with the legend under a picture of the ship which says – “BRITISH INDIA M.V. “DUNERA” 11,162 TONS, NORMALLY EMPLOYED ON H.M. TROOPING SERVICE.

    The card is post marked SOUTHAMPTON 14 DEC 1937.

    He wrote on the back: “Dear wife, have arrived safely after a rough voyage. Roll on when I can get home. I will write when I get (illegible).

    This ship looks (illegible).

    Sent with love, Bill.”

    I would love to know where and when this journey started and when did it leave Malta.

    Many thanks, Eric.

    • Hello Eric

      MANY thanks for your comments here – these stories are excellent to hear and we seem to be getting more and more as time goes by now!

      Thank you and please do let us know if you any responses….

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  2. Hello, I sailed on the M.S. Dunera in January 1959 from Southampton to Cyprus.

    The ship was carrying troops as far as Singapore but was to stop at Cyprus to allow the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment to disembark together with a contingent of Royal Military Police, the latter of which I was a member and responsible with others for the policing of the ship. It was memorable journey, buts that’s another story.

    The reason l am making this communication is that recently I ventured into my attic and going through some old boxes l came across an old pottery ash tray in mint condition with a sketch of the Dunera on the face together with a banner with the name, ’H.M.DUNERA’ below the ship. On the reverse side is the following trade mark:- ‘BRITANNIA DESIGNS. DARTMOUTH.ENGLAND with a Britannia design in the centre.

    I recall purchasing this item on the ship en route to Cyprus but despite enquires with the firm as listed on Google I am unable to discover the history of this memento.

    Can you please assist.


    Dave Billham.

    • Hello David

      MANY thanks for your comment here! ALWAYS good to hear comments from people who sailed on the Dunera – it keeps the site alive! Altho’ I never did, I was asked to set this website up a LONG time ago by a chap who was on the ship. David’s story is here.

      JUST a thought here – would you like this posted out as a proper item, rather than a comment? I am wondering whether to open the site up so that people CAN add their own posts…….??

      Many thanks

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      • Mike .
        Thanks for your response. I would appreciate my item being posted out but I have no idea how to do it. All this technology is sometimes beyond me. I have an account of my journey on the Dunera with 2 Para which served me well in later life and helped on many occasions in my 33 years career in the Police force.
        Kind regards,
        Dave Billham.

  3. Hi
    I was born in Cyprus in 1959 as my father was a regular in the Royal Engineers. The forces were leaving Cyprus in 1960 and so we came home to England on the MS Denera. My first journey and I would love to have a picture of it as it was then.

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