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Just found my MS Dunera Log Book for June ’62 — 2 Comments

  1. Great post Philip! I’m particularly interested in that teacher and his antics! We had one or two like that at boarding school in Somerset!!!

    How WOULD this behaviour go down now – very good question. Congrats on the exam result – was it useful in your work??

    Anyone else got stories to add to this site – please come on in and let us know.

    Bye for now


    • The dreaded Wick – our Physics Teacher at Prices in 1962 – 7th from the left 2nd row up in this picture:

      As Vicar of Fareham I believe he was chairman of the board. Rumour had it (source our beloved Chemistry Teacher) that a certain headmaster got the job because everybody said: “Well it’s clear who should get the job!” and the chairman wrote down the wrong name . . .

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