My memories of the Dunera cruise are very vague with only my photograph album as a souvenir. I was living in Leamington Spa Warwickshire at the time. When I was 15, in 1963, the convent I attended in Kenilworth arranged the voyage.

We sailed from Tilbury in May. I do remember the dormitory was well below decks and I was on a lower bunk. As well as the usual Don’ts the nuns had their own list to make things worse.

The first port was Corunna and we visited the Tower of Hercules and a beach. When we went ashore, full uniform always had to be worn.

The sea was quite rough in the Bay of Biscay and caused much sea sickness especially with one of the nuns. I also remember having to do work in the schoolroom. I have no idea what I learned.

Gibraltar was the next port of call and taxis drove us up the rock in groups of four or five. I remember being very disappointed because I didn’t see any apes. We spent the rest of the time ashore souvenir shopping.

I also visited Lisbon passing the Monument a Cristo Rei and the trip included Jeronimos Monastery, EdwardVll Park , Prince Henry the Navigators Monument, National Sports Stadium and the beach at Estoril.

Entertainment on board hasn’t left an impression on me. The one thing that has stayed in my mind is the film some of us watched, Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday. I was a fan and still am. There was some sort of a party the last night but as we still had to turn in for the usual time we missed the best of it. Then the nuns were persuaded to give us extra time but I couldn’t be bothered to leave my bunk, dress again all for an extra hour.

While on board I have no recollection of eating but a quote from the postcard sent to my parents “the food is quite good and plenty of it” proves I must have eaten.

I was excited about the trip as it was my first holiday away on my own and overall I did enjoy it.

I hope this will add some interest to your site.

Janet Holland nee Sutton.
Then aged 15
Dormitory Not Known
May 1963
M.S Dunera.


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