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I was on the Baltic Cruise in 1962 — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Mike, I also went on the Baltic cruise. I was intrigued by your mention of getting a copy of the TVS film made of the trip. I would love to obtain a copy, can you tell me where to get it. Regards Steve

  2. I purchased the film from; Wessex Film and Sound Archive, Hampshire County Council, Winchester. Tel; 01962846154.

    Took a while to establish the correct one from all the old TVS programs listed, so code is; AV1066/STV821/VI – School at Sea – Dec 1962.

    However it did cost £30.

    If you get to see it, I am the one walking through the Tivoli Gardens with a girl on each arm. Really great memories.

    Regards Malcolm Cross

  3. I was on the 1962 Dunera cruise to Leningrad. We also visited Stockholm and Copenhagen . The ship was supposed to visit Helsinki too but we hit the side of the Kiel Cansl and lost a propellor on the way through and had to skip that stop as we were traveling at about half speed. I met my wife Julia on the trip. (Maiden name Roberts!) We are still married 51 years later.

  4. It’s great to find this page. I too, was on that cruise. there is a clip in the documentary of me chatting with a couple of mates. We \were so stiff and self conscious! It’s amazing to see young people today, totally relaxed in front of the camera!

    • Hello Vincent

      MANY thanks for getting back to this site and adding your comment! It is ALWAYS great to hear how people got on with the Dunera trips!

      Please do get back to us if anyone replies or gets in touch!

      Many thanks

      Bye for now


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