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How to Contribute To This Site — 20 Comments

  1. Hi,
    My father was a junior crewmember on the Dunera for most or all of the war. He never said much except to indicate how hard it all was. (His closest brother, my Uncle whom I never met, was lost in a convoy in the atlantic.) Are there any memories or diaries out there from other crewmembers or children of crewmembers? My father would have been 24 in 1940, so I’m not expecting a flood of respondents, but it would be heartening to find some information. Thanks, Jane

  2. Hi, I saw the comments referencing Ottmar Strauss. Just to correct the name and relationship mentioned, it was not his brother but his son, Karl Nathan Strauss, that came out to Australia on the Dunera. I knew him as Great Uncle Charlie but in fact he was my grandfather’s sister’s stepson (!). He was a great character and was camp cook at the Hay internment camp before, indeed, retiring to Norfolk Island where he is buried.

    • For Strausim:

      I am very interested in information on Ottmar Strauss and would be grateful for anything you can add. Glad of the confirmation of the relationship between Ottmar and Karl Nathan. Please elaborate on the relationship with your family – I didn’t quite follow that. Look forward to hearing more from you. All the best, Agnes

      • Thank you for this and for your recent email, Agnes.

        Anyone out there have any information that can help with this enquiry, please do send some on in. You can use the contact form in the site here – I’ll also send a Tweet thro’ my Twitter account – never know!

        Please let us know Agnes if you get some help.

        Many thanks


      • Dear Agnes, I am the son of Karl Nathan Strauss (Brother of 22 years older Ottmar Strauss) My mother never told me about her “affair” with Karkl Nathan Strauss in Cologne.

        When I was born 1935 the Nazis would have thrown my mother and me to the KZ for Rassenschande and beeing a Halbjude. So no one talked about it and I grew up with my juristic father Wallraf.

        Only some years ago, when I was 75, I learned the truth.

        I live in Munich and would like to talk with you.

        Yours Rainer Wallraf (Strauss)- RWallraf@aol.com

      • The father of Ottmar amnd Karl Nathan Strauss had 8 chidren. 4 with his first wife, 4 with his second wife.

        Ottmar was child number 5, Karl Nathan was child number 8 (last child)

        There were 22 years between the birth of Ottmar and the birth of his brother Karl Nathan. That was why people thought they were father and son.

        My name is Rainer Wallraf and I am the son of Karl Nathan Strauss, born in Cologne in 1935. I only learned it when I was 75 years.

    • Hi, whoever you are. I am Karl Nathan Strauss’s (called Kuka) son.

      He was the 22 years younger BROTHER of Ottmar Strauss.I was born in Cologne 1935. three years before he emigrated to London and from there to Hay. Australia.

      I only found out when I was 75 years old. I have never met him, because my mother never told me, that he was my father.

      I did a lot of research and found relatives (Ulrich Strauss, who is Ottmars son in L.A.) in USA and Canada.

      Would like to hear from you.

      I live in Munich/Germany –

      Best Rainer Wallraf

    • I am the som of karl nathan strauss. Living in munich germany. He was indeed the brother of otmar but 22 years younger
      Rainer Wallraf
      80803 München
      Bismarckstr. 19

  3. I was permanent staff on the Dunera in 1956 sailing from Southampton end of January 56 to Kure, Japan. Stopping off points where Algiers with shore leave for a couple of hours. Next two stops were Limassol and Port Said with no leave. Down to Aden, Colombo, Singapore Hong Kong and finally Kure all with shore leave leave.
    The Dunera was involved with the Suez crisis late 1956 and sailed from UK empty to finally arrived at Port Said. We left here on the 22 Dec 56 not stop sailing of ten days to arrive Southampton on my demob day 2 Jan 57. Next time I heard it had become a school ship.

    • Hello “Sidecarman”

      Many thanks for getting in touch and I hope you found the site interesting?

      If you would like to post more updates, please do register (roll over or view the HowTo link above) and give as full a story as you like…(if you prefer, just use the Contact Us link and I’ll post on your behalf…)

      In the mean time we wish you and yours well for the festive time and a very Happy New Year

  4. I was on the Dunera in 1963. I attended the John Neilsen in Paisley. We went to Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Bergen.

    When we came back to Greenock, we made the newspapers as our school had been on fire when we were away.

    There were only 2 boys and about 20 girls from the John Neilson.

    Later on I joined the Merchant Navy and visited the ports again

    • Hello Don

      Many thanks for this – and please do feel free to register and add a post with any more info..

      It’s always most excellent to hear news from home and away of people and their travels and we seem to be getting a great following!

      Bye for now


    • Hello Andy

      Many thanks for your comment – it is always good to keep on hearing how people were involved with the Dunera.

      Any more thoughts – please do post more!

      Bye for now


  5. Hi. I have just found my Dunera scrap book. Last voyage. Portland Secondary Modern School. Tangier, Madeira, Lisbon. Really interesting daily log comments. 1967

  6. I was on the Dunera in 1966 and the cruise was Funchal in Madeira, then Lisbon in Portugal then onwards to Vigo in Spain

    Later in 1970 I was on the Nevada for the Baltic cruise – Oslo, Vishnu in Gotland then Leningrad

    These cruises had an impact on my future career as I joined the UK Merchant Navy as an Engineer officer and after 42 years service I retired

    • Many thanks for your input here John.

      It is always good to hear from anyone connected to the Dunera – it’s all quite a story and if you get any responses, please do let us know!

      Bye for now


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