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Hampshire Baltic MV Dunera Cruise 1962 — 4 Comments

  1. I was one of the Baffin Boys! I remember what a mess we were until Hoppy offered a free beer if we got 100% – which we did! A great rip. I met my wife on it! We are still married 51 years later!

  2. I remember that they had a bar up on the deck that opened for about an hour each day – 2 to 3 or something? I was sitting on the deck on a very hot day talking to Julia when 2.00 arrived. Almost immediately there were 100 guys queued up to get a beer.

    I said to Julia, wow it is hot I’d really like a beer, but I am not going to queue up for a 1/2 hour to get one.

    She got up at once and said I’ll get you one. She walked up to the front of the queue and asked the first man in line if he would buy her a beer. He must have thought it was his lucky day – did I forget to mention that she was by far the most beautiful girl on the entire ship? By far.

    He bought her the beer and she brought it back to me. Of course I said, to myself, this is the girl for me. Free beer – the other guy even paid for it – and I don’t even have to wait in line for it!?

    Four days later, in Copenhagen, I asked her to marry me. We have been married for 51 years now. (She did say no that first time.)

  3. I have recently scanned a 20 min 8mm mute film taken by my father on the MS Dunera’s Baltic educational cruise in June 1962. It’s in MP4 format and runs to just over 2GB, so I’m unsure how to get it onto the internet, YouTube maybe. The quality ranges from very poor to average and will be significantly below that of the Southern TV documentary which will I guess be 16mm. My father was a Hampshire Education Youth Service officer at the time and his film shows some of the events recalled by Cyderman.
    Any interest or value in sharing this?

  4. I remember the Southern TV documentary and was broadcast on Christmas Day in 1962 it was called School at Sea and was directed by Carol Doncaster and in black and white. This piece of film is historical social history and worth pup loading on YouTube for every one to see. Can this be uploaded on this website?

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