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From: Sue Smith (nee Durrands) 30.01.11 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Mike
    I’m liking the new look sight, tis quite impressive. I’m going to start the big hunt for my ship log book, so I can have a read up and put some more entries on the site. I’m quite excited about this actually, I just wish I could remember who else was on the trip with us 3 girls. Do you know of any way I can find out? Although I don’t imagine its possible somehow.
    Thanks for including me in the new site test, you can remove this message if you wish.
    Speak again soon…Sue

    • Hello Sue
      Many thanks for the feedback and I don’t think I will delete!! It may just spur oon someone else – you may even know them!!

      I have set the same version now as the main site – however it seems to be mis-behavin’!!! Anyway I will add yours to that as soon as I find out what’s going on!!

      Bye for now


    • One other thought – go to the old site version here https://www.dunera.co.uk/dunera and search the pages for the dates you were out on the ship – just a thought… Otherwise we’ll put out a large notice somewhere and see who reads it!!
      Bye for now
      PS – If you have a Facebook page – click the FB link on the little icons below a post. Also if you have a Facebook page – I do have a Dunera one as well…Either search for it or…..wait for it – A LONG web address at the moment! http://www.facebook.com/pages/MS-Dunera-Troop-Ship-to-School-Ship/173699435987970?v=app_4949752878&ref=sgm

    • Hi, great to read the post Sue has left about her journey in1967 on board the Dunera. I was also on that trip to Corrunna,Lisbon,Tangier and Gibralter. I have some news paper cuttings with a couple of pics taken at Immingham docks as we were about to embark on our great adventure. I will gladly e mail it to anyone interested. My e mail is robgould@talktalk.net……. Rob Gould

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