04 February 2004…. Just for Fun (1963 ) I saw this movie in 1963 on a school ship call the Dunera which sailed from Newcastle to the Channel Islands, Vigo in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal. The star of the movie was Mark Wynter and his co-star was Cherry Roland.

I was 13yrs old. I was mad about pop music and although the storyline was poor the stars were the ‘it’ of the day. The movie had been well published in the Newcastle Journal and as an up and coming ‘mod’ I just had to see it and never forgot it, ever.

Then 21 years later in 1984 I met Cherry Roland. We bought a shop from her and her partner, Mirelle Wright, this was a Lingerie and Beachwear shop in Southport Merseyside. Cherry couldn’t believe I remembered the movie as it was her one big chance in show business and the movie was a flop, so she missed out on the Beatle/Mersey mania. Cherry became a great friend of myself and my wife Sue. We lost touch with her but saw her by chance in a bar in Calpe Spain in 1990. This is the last time we made contact. Does anyone know where she is today?
Eric Milburn

07 February 2004
Hi, Mike – I’ve just read with interest the notes by David and Norman on the final voyage of the Dunera. I didn’t sail on her, but although David mentions passing the Nevasa on the voyage home, neither report mentions that the Devonia (on which I was travelling – Plymouth, Gibraltar, Malaga, Ceuta, Lisbon) was docked adjacent to the Dunera in Lisbon. She was quite a sight with pennants adorning all of her rigging, being her final port of call before arriving back to the UK for scrapping. (I believe that the Devonia still had 2 more voyages to undertake before she was scrapped. One other point of interest, my fiancee also went on one of the school trips, then under the colours of P&O, on the Uganda in 1977! – coincidences abound LOL… Best wishes to you – and thanks for the site.
Tony Lewis

07 February 2004
Hi, Mike – please do feel free to add my message to the site… I’ll try and work out a bit of a diary or something myself to go along with it – but no promises for the immediate future LOL – trying to get sorted for our wedding on April 3rd tends to take a bit of time as you can imagine 😉 One little aside of interest though – as I said, Mary and I both went on one of the school cruises… and as part of our honeymoon, we will be spending a week on the Thomson Spirit, taking in the Canaries, Morocco and Madiera – for both of us our first cruise since the school trip! Needless to say we are looking forward to it with great anticipation 😀 Best wishes to you, Tony Lewis.


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