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Dunera Mediterranean Cruise 1967 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi,I’m very interested in hearing from anyone who went on the Mediterranean cruise.
    We flew from Gatwick and the baggage handlers were not working.
    Landed in Venice.
    Then to Istanbul,round the Greek Islands.
    This was a fantastic experience,so much so in my travels in the last few years found myself revisiting the same places.
    Can’t emagine the cost now!

    • Hello Lynda

      Great to hear from you and I hope someone will get back to you!

      It sounds like you had a great time! Again, as I mention many times, comments like this keep the site “alive”!!

      Let us know if anyone gets in touch.

      Many thanks

      Bye for now


    • Hello John

      Many thanks for getting in touch!! Hope you might get a reply and if you do, please do let us know!

      It really is good that this site has been a place people have now started to find and tell stories…..

      Bye for now


  2. Hello.
    I’m fairly sure I was on MS Dunera in 1967 [before Easter] – sailed from Genoa, to Tunis, Ibiza [?], Cadiz and Lisbon. QEGS Wakefield, all boys!


    Stephen Wh.

    • Hello Stephen

      Many thanks for your comment here – always good to hear from anyone who sailed on the Dunera!
      It has been quite an education to see how loved the travels have been…

      Keep in touch!

      Bye for now


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