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Please note that as we have no volunteers to donate to this site, we feel that to keep the site running well for the enjoyment of our visitors, that we need to find other ways of bringing in a bit of extra cash to help.

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This site has been set up purely for the interest of anyone who has travelled on the MS Dunera – whether it was as a member of the forces or civilians in war or peace time.

The site was started by the comment of a friend of mine – “I wonder if anyone else would read this” when he sent me his Dunera story…..I decided to set the site up – just in case. As you are here, you know that there are other people reading the contents of my friend’s and possibly your story!!

With this in mind it is only right that I state here that I cannot be responsible for the content of any site that an external link might lead to. We try to check all links and verify the content.

Links to Ebay items for offer are NOT recommended – just shown for interest.

The nature of the web is such that links may change or get broken. Please report any broken links or unsuitable content and I’ll try to find an alternative page or website if it is at all possible.

It is also a policy of this website to set links to areas and websites that we think might be of some interest to our visitors. If these areas of information are not to your liking, please just don’t visit them. We do not intend any offence or persuasion to anyone.

Some links are affiliate links with companies that supply products and services that may be of use or interest to our visitors. Again – these would hopefully help with funds to keep this site running for the interest of our visitors. They do not represent our views or preferences. People use these links at their own discretion

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