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Brenda Laidler, on the Dunera in May 1956 — 6 Comments

  1. Just browsing and found your note.

    I was on the same trip to Singapore, being in the KDG at the time.

    Last November my wife and I returned to Singapore for our 45th wedding anniversary,which included two wonderful days at Raffles.

    Best wishes.

    Michael Faulkner

  2. Many thanks for your comment Michael – it is so interesting to see how this site seems to be beginning to get a real following and responses coming in.

    If you have any further tales to add from your trips, we’d be pleased to see / hear about them.

    Many thanks


  3. Very nice to get your comments- I was wondering if you remembered the band conductor of the band as I shared a cabin with his daughter Vicky on the trip over.

    My Dad was then sent to KL for 3 years and it was just Jungle I went back a few years ago and worked there for three years was just skyscrapers.

    Also my mum died a few years ago – had to sort out her stuff and I found an old autograph book I had on the ship and someone had signed John Izzard – kind regards to you and your wife and glad you enjoyed Singapore again

  4. My family, of which I am the youngest, travelled home from Singapore on the MS Dunera approximately June 1956, could have been in the last convey through the canal before the troubles.

    I was about 8 months old, so remember nothing and can only go by what I’m told by my sisters who would love to hear from anybody that was on the ship.

    They would have been 7 & 14.

    • Hello John

      MANY thanks for your message here – it’s always nice to hear from people who have been involved at some time with the Dunera.

      Do please let us know if you get any contacts – it keeps the site “alive”!

      Bye for now


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