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  1. My late father, Walter Perle (Pearl) was deported to Australia aboard the Dunera as an enemy alien, and subsequently volunteered for the Army so that he could return to England and fight the Germans.

    • Hello Geoffrey – these stories are ALL excellent to hear and it makes you realise what people had to put up with those years ago. They also make this site the way it seems to be – quite popular!!

      If you have any more details, stories etc you would like to add – please do feel free to register and post a story out – it WILL go in for moderation but that just stops the “dodgy stuff” being shown straight out!

      If you prefer – send over the story and I’ll add it on your behalf (email and any contact details just noted as “supplied” unless other instructions given)

      Many thanks

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  2. please MAIL – not email to
    a real Dunera Boy
    Alexander Volk
    The Bristol
    305 North St
    White Plains NY 10605

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