21/05/06…Derek Hargreaves has just emailed some detail about the Dunera….Many thanks Derek

Your contributor, Mr Ives, (17th June) may not be aware that this ship did have a Fo’c’s’le at build, with a Well Deck (where Lifeboats 1 to 4 were located) separating it from the Main superstructure. The change took place in 1950/51 when bunks superseded hammocks on the troop decks.

You can see ‘before and after’ illustrations together with a very short history of this ship and its sisters ‘Dilwara’, ‘Devonshire’ and ‘Ettrick’ on the following web site:

  • www.merchantnavyofficers.com
  • ‘Click here to enter’.
  • Select ‘British India’ on the Navigation Bar and scroll down to ‘The history of British India and her fleet’ and select.
  • Scroll down to ‘Troop Ships 2’ and select.
  • Scroll down to ‘Dunera’ for pictures and story.

I can personally verify the original build from my hand drawn copy of the General Arrangement of the ‘Dunera’ made in 1943.

This site should, hopefully, satisfy some queries from other members of your site.

17th June….Wal Ives has just mailed in with the details that Derek was after!

The DUNERA was built in 1937 on the Clyde by Barclay Curle as a troopship. She was 517 ft. long, 63 ft. wide and 12,620 tons gross with diesel engines and twin screws. She had a long foredeck (originally with three holds) and no forecastle.

Many Thanks Wal

11th June….Derek Gordon asks the following question…

I would like to know where the Dunera was built and for which shipping line?

Does anyone have the answers, please to this and Derek’s earlier question here ?


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