Stories and events remembered from time connected with The Dunera.

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Other Interest

From time to time I find items that I THINK may interest people who land on this site! This IS a personal “thing” but I hope the items may be of interest to others and also add to the interest of this site. If you have an item that you think could be included – post it or request inclusion on the “interest” page. I will not guarantee inclusion, but will certainly consider it. Leave contact email addresses etc and we can discuss!

UK Based Business Opportunity and Genuine Money Saving

You will also see ads that I have placed on here – these are genuine interest items that some people may find useful and some ads help to pay for the running of this site. The images in the columns are to do with saving money in a way that DO we use. It IS a very good system and COULD lead to a business opportunity for some people 

Online Business Information

Starting online businesses that can be run from home – this MAY be included at times using affiliate links (I will not hide that fact!) I am also not in the habit of adding things that I know nothing about – these can all be useful and helpful. If you have ANY interest that you think people may like to learn more about, click on the Chris Farrell image link (or click here!) and see a free video set that will give an idea of the topics and methods etc to set up an online business.

That said, this site is here for you. Your interest in the Dunera has built the information on this site and I would not want to detract from that.These items are there just in case of any interest.

Please do contact me if there are ANY questions on this type of thing….

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