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A Dunera Boy came back to England by John Haim — 2 Comments

  1. John
    There is a list of those who came to Australia on the Dunera in 1940 in “The Dunera affair : a documentary resource book” edited by Paul R. Bartrop with Gabrielle Eisen (Melbourne: Jewish Museum of Australia/Schwartz and Wilkinson, 1990).

    The National Archives of Australia holds the standard two records that Australian authorities kept on each internee. They can be viewed on-line via their website. They indicate your father was interned first in Camp 7 at Hay Hay, NSW & then at Tatura in Victoria. Both towns have small museums dedicated to the internment camps.

    He returned to England on one of the first ships carrying Dunera internees back to England. According to another record I found he returned to England for release.

    Hope one of your artefacts is the specially designed & printed Camp 7 bank notes – most of these fetch good sums at sales.


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