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1966 school trip – Oslo, Copenhagen and Heligoland — 10 Comments

  1. I was on that cruise in 1966, and we did go to Heligoland.

    The seas were very rough, Dunera anchored offshore, and we went ashore in small boats.

    A few of us from our school (St John’s C of E from Crowborough)got very wet and were taken to the hospital to dry out. As we got back to Dunera the seas were still very rough, and as I stepped on to the gangplank, a wave sent the boat under the gangplank, tipping it upside down.

    It’s only thanks to the quick reactions of a young officer that I’m here to tell the tale. I was then taken care of by our headmaster’s wife, who tried to give me hot, sweet tea (yuk!) and barley sugar for the shock.

    I’ve always wanted to try and trace that young officer, so if anyone knows who he was, please let me know.

      • I was also on this trip from St German’s school in Cardiff .
        I remember the rough crossing when I was 1 of the few who wasnt sick but somehow became seasick later 8n the voyage when everyone else was fine .
        Anyone else remember racing with the lifeboats in Kristiansand Harbour? .
        What about the Viking Longship Museum which I think was Copenhagen .
        All I remember of Heligoland was getting very wet !

        Gareth Hatton

    • Hi

      I was a Junior Engineer Officer on Dunera and remember the incident it was one of the Deck officers or Deck Cadet that saved you — sorry I can’t remember many Deck side names.

      You could ask at the BI club site – maybe some one remembers his name

  2. I was on that trip from Yew Tree primary school in Birmingham, June 1966.

    I remember it exactly as you describe, except our first port of call was Christiansund, not Oslo if I’m correct.

    The North Sea crossing was horrendous and was the start of a lifetime of seasickness ! I have photographs somewhere and will try and publish them when I find them. One of the happiest times of my life and the first “adventure” I ever went on.

    I remember an event on deck with different stalls and sideshows. I was put in charge of the coconut shy and didn’t realise there were Mars Bars under the counter which I was supposed to give to anyone knocking a coconut off its perch.

    Instead I gave the winner a coconut and had to close the stall when all the coconuts were gone ! …….happy days.

    • Hello Alan

      Many thanks for adding your story here – we really love the way people like to tell their tales and keep this site interesting.

      I would also love to hear if people get in touch on seeing stories like this!

      Very best to you, Alan, and if you have any more to add – please do!

      Bye for now


  3. I too was on that cruise from St Monica’s school, London.

    I can well remember the hairy trip back from Heligoland with am adult female passenger’s arms (non school related) fiercely wrapped round me. Had a hard time living that down when we safely boarded!

    Does anyone remember the beauty of the Norwegian fjords and seeing Amundsen’s ship the Fram?

    I also remember meeting by chance the Commodore who was in command, at least that’s what he told us and I’ve no reason to doubt him, he was charming and kind, but I thought I’d missed out because he wasn’t the captain!

    • Hello Brendan

      Great to hear from you and I apologise for answering so late in the day – we have been a “little busy” to say the least with the marketing of the And Finally… Phil Collins show – now gearing up for the Autumn UK tour.

      Comments and emails like this make this site “stay alive” and I really appreciate you taking the time.

      Please also let us know if you get any responses!

      Bye for now


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